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Guide to Resources on the Finno-Ugrian Languages: Overview

Guide to Resources on the Finno-Ugrian Languages

The principal Finno-Ugrian languages represented in the Library are Hungarian, Finnish and Estonian and the classes devoted to Hungary, Finland and Estonia include the books on those languages. The Finno-Ugrian class, shelved on the Lower Ground Floor of the Library, brings together books on the Finno-Ugrian peoples and languages in general, with the emphasis on the languages. The Library has most volumes of the three great research series for Finno-Ugrian studies, Suomalais-ugrilaisen seuran toimituksia. Mémoires de la Société finno-ougrienne, Helsinki, 1890- (shelved with the Finno-Ugrian books], Suomalais-ugrilaisen seuran aikakauskirja. Journal de la Société finno-ougrienne, Helsinki, 1886-, and Finnisch-ugrische Forschungen, Helsinki, 1901- [both shelved as Periodicals]. Books in this section have the classmark F-U.

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Area Liaison Librarian for Poland, the Baltic States, Finland and Germany