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Guide to resources on LGBTQ+ in Eastern Europe: Ukraine

Ukraine Overview

LGBT map of Ukraine

Homosexuality is legal in Ukraine since 1991, but same-sex partnerships are not recognised by law, and adoption for same-sex couples is illegal. Sexual orientation and gender identity are included in country’s anti-discriminatory laws, which aim at protecting from discrimination in a workplace. In addition, homosexual people are allowed to serve in the military. However, negative societal attitudes impede the effect of laws in practice. It is legal to change one's legal gender, but sex reassignment surgery is required. There is a number of organisations advocating for LGBT and gender equality rights in Ukraine that are listed below.


The following institutions carry out academic research on gender and sexuality:

  • UGN (Ukrainian Gender Research Network)
  • UADJI (Ukrainian Association for the Study of Women's History)



  • Vērdiņš, Kārlis, & Ozolinš, Jānis. (2016). Queer Stories of Europe. Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Doctoral theses



  • Stonewall - a newspaper about the LGBT movement and the community in Ukraine, about a healthy lifestyle and HIV-service [in Ukrainian].
  • Gayd! - a magazine for LGBT youth, including information about representatives of LGBT parties and movements, culture and places [in Ukrainian].

  • Один з нас - first Ukrainian anone of the first in the ex-USSR magazines about gay movement and the LGBT community, reflecting on homosexuality in culture and art [in Ukrainian].



  • A list of publications and reports on LGBT in Ukraine by Nash Mir Center, Kyiv [in Ukrainian and English].
  • Gender in Detail publishes thematic reviews, translations of foreign novels and classics, academic articles, media coverage, statistics, practical tips, blogs, videos and photos related to various gender issues [in Ukrainian].
  • A Harmonised Society website hosts a section dedicated to gender: legal, self-help, and academic material [iUkrainian].
  • Electronic Library of the Ukrainian Association for the Study of Women's History [in Ukrainian].


Data and statistics







  • Olena Globa, took almost a decade to accept her son Bogdan. She now runs an organization aimed at helping other parents in Ukraine and former Soviet countries to accept their own gay children. This story was created by the Thomson Reuters Foundation [in Russian with English subtitles].
  • Video resources of Gender History Museum [in Ukrainian, Russian, English].
  • GenderChannel of Gender Culture Centre [in Ukrainian, Russian, English].


LGBT Organisations

  • Insight [in Ukrainian, English].
  • Liga [in Ukrainian].
  • Fulcrum [in Ukrainian, English].
  • KyivPride - a Ukrainian NGO that aims at contributing to full respect for human rights for LGBT+ in Ukraine, at encouraging an appreciation for these rights by raising LGBT+ visibility and their participation in social processes [in Ukrainian, English].

Organisations working on gender equality


  • KyivPride - an annual equality march organised by KyivPride NGO [in Ukrainian and English].
  • ҐОБ проект - dedicated to gender responsive budgeting in countries with transition economies, work experience in public sector on reforming of budget system of Ukraine both at the state and local levels, as well as practical experience in projects of an international technical assistance [in Ukrainian and English].


This guide is produced and curated by UCL SSEES Library as part of the UCL European Institute’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Programme 2019.   


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