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Guide to resources on LGBTQ+ in Eastern Europe: North Macedonia

North Macedonia Overview

LGBT map of North Macedonia


LGBT relationships have been legal in North Macedonia since 1996. In 2017 the Parliament established an inter-party parliamentary group to work on improving the rights of LGBTI. In March 2019 Parliament voted a new anti-discrimination law, a comprehensive legal framework against discrimination on grounds of gender identity, equal laws and provisions and discrimination in employment. The parliamentary group works directly with civil society organizations in ensuring that legislation is in line with the new anti-discrimination law. Marriage between same sex couples remains illegal. While gays and lesbians are openly allowed to serve in the army, adoption of children for gay couples is not legal.The first Pride Week was held in Skopje in 2013.


Academic research




Journals and journal articles

  • Aspasia - a peer-reviewed annual journal dedicated to the study of gender and women’s history in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. 


Data and Statistics 





  • Queer Balkans - documentary series on the lives and struggles of LGBTI people in the Balkans, as part of a student project at the University of Berlin. Facebook page [in English].


  • The Coalition “Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities” (SHRMC) - promotes the fundamental human rights of marginalized communities, with focus on LGBTI persons, drug users, people living with HIV, sex workers and marginalized women. They work directly with marginalized communities in the creation and implementation of policies. They publish on marginalized communities and on LGBT and Gender [in Macedonian, Albanian, English].

  • EGAL Equality to Gays and Lesbians - EGAL's work centers on improving sexual health and quality of living of LGBT population, and on  overcoming homophobia in Macedonian society. They work on development of sexual and psycho-social health of LGBT people and their families, promotion of LGBT culture, and education of LGBT people across  Macedonia. EGAL is member of AIDS Action Europe [in Macedonian, English].

  • LGBTI support centre is subsidiary of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia located in Skopje that works on changing the legal and social status of the LGBTI people in Macedonia through community strengthening, advocacy and free legal aid [in Macedonian, Albanian, English].

  • LGBT United Tetovo - a lobbying and advocacy  NGO for LGBT rights based in Tetovo [in Macedonian, Albanian, English, Turkish, Romanian].

  • Subverziven Front - an association for critical approach to gender and sexuality. It works towards promoting equal rights through research and policy publications. Their poblications range from Handbook on how to do social work with the LGBT people in Macedonia to LGBT Political participation in the Western Balkans and protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual and gender identity. They publicise their events on their Facebook page [in Macedonian, English].

  • Queer Square  - an association for cultural and media activism. It works towards raising LGBT profile through events and activism [in Macedonian, English].


This guide is produced and curated by UCL SSEES Library as part of the UCL European Institute’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Programme 2019.   


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