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Guide to resources on LGBTQ+ in Eastern Europe: Latvia

Latvia Overview

LGBT map of Latvia


The article that prohibited male homosexuality was repealed in 1992. Discrimination on the grounds of sexual or gender identity in contexts of employment, housing or military is prohibited by Latvia’s anti-discrimination laws. However, same-sex partnerships are not recognized, and adoption for same-sex couples is illegal. It is legal to change gender in Latvia. 


Academic research

Research on LGBT and gender in Latvia is carried out in the following institutions:






  • A search engine of Latvia's National Library (Latvijas nacionālā bibliotēka) gives access to archives of periodicals including LGBT related material [in Latvian, Russian, English].
  • A list of reports related to gender equality provided by the Ministry of Welfare [in Latvian, English, Russian].
  • Latvian Centre for Human Rights - a broad range of publications related to human rights including gender equality and LGBT rights [in Russian, English, Latvian].


Data and statistics


Reports and analysis





  • PRIDE.LV - publishes a wide selection of articles and videos related to LGBTQ and gender, as well as an online magazine Skapis [in Latvian].


LGBT organisations

  • Mozaika - a Latvian LGBT organisation. It publishes related articles and video content on their Draugiem and Facebook, and Youtube accounts. Languages: [in Latvian].


Organisations working on gender rights

  • MARTA - a team of gender experts advocating for women`s rights and promoting solidarity between women of all ages, ethnicities, and classes in Latvia. Their Facebook and Twitter accounts [in Latvian, Russian, English].


  • GAYNET - Latvia’s LGBT portal for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and all other sexual minorities with most advanced social network with user chat, chat rooms, a discussion forum, groups, an event calendar, and a lot of other features. Sign-up is required [in Latvian, English and Russian].
  • Among us, girls - a witty feminist podcast, where women meet and discuss issues related to society and women's rights [in Latvian].
  • LadyFest - an annual feminist festival in Latvia [in Latvian].


This guide is produced and curated by UCL SSEES Library as part of the UCL European Institute’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Programme 2019.   


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