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Guide to resources on LGBTQ+ in Eastern Europe: Home


LGBT map of Eastern Europe

Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in sources of academic research engaging with the topics of queer histories, queer culture, geographies of sexualities, gender identity, homophobia, LGBTQ+ citizenship, migration and asylum. Our guide to resources on LGBTQ+ in Eastern Europe has been developed as an integral part of the UCL European Institute’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Programme. The content is curated by UCL SSEES Library specialist staff and developed with the help of UCL SSEES PhD students.

The guide covers a wide range of resources, including recent publications, academic repositories, reports, periodicals, oral histories archives, news portals, audio and video resources, as well as organisations and other reliable resources evaluated by the Library’s specialist staff.  


This guide is produced and curated by UCL SSEES Library as part of the UCL European Institute’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Programme 2019.   


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