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Guide to resources on LGBTQ+ in Eastern Europe: Bulgaria

Bulgaria Overview


LGBT map of Bulgaria


Homosexuality in Bulgaria was legalized in 1968. The law 'Protection Against Discrimination Act of 2003' protects individuals from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, criminalizes hate speech and protects from discrimination in relation to military recruitment. Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria has held the annual Sofia Pride since 2008. The Pride is usually accompanied by a LGBT film fest and art week.


Academic Institutions

There is no dedicated department to Queer Studies at the Sofia State University. However, some topics are addressed through existing gender studies centre and the sociology department.




Selected Articles


Data and statistics



  • Hate crimes and incidents based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression carried out in Bulgaria in 2017. Deystvie, ILGA Europe [in Bulgarian and English].



  • Sofia Pride - Sofia Pride parade website [in Bulgarian, English].

  • Pride Archives - Gay activists in Bulgarian Gay Pride parade [in English].

  • LGBTI Centre - a joint project of the Youth LGBT Organization Action Association, the Glas Foundation and the Bilitis Resource Center Foundation, an online platform including news, services, leadership and advocacy in the categories of health, law, culture and education [in Bulgarian].

  • България - страна без хомофобия! - homophobia reporting website [in Bulgarian].

  • Work it Out - a platform for based in Bulgaria domestic and international companies that want to make their workplaces more inclusive and embrace the benefits of diversity. The purpose of the platform is to promote a positive business and economic case for equality of opportunity for every employee in Bulgaria. It is not a formal organization, but rather a community of companies all sharing the goals for acceptance and inclusion of LGBT people [in Bulgarian, and English].

  • Single Step - Single Step Foundation's mission is to support, motivate and empower LGBTI people, their families, friends and allies in Bulgaria through the process of recognizing, coming out and affirming their sexual orientation and gender identity [in Bulgarian, and English].

  • An interview with LevFem, a newly formed anti-capitalist queer-feminist collective in Sofia, discussing feminism, socio-economic inequalities, the rising tide of racism, neofascism, ethnophobia, and xenophobia in Bulgaria and the region [in English].

  • LGBT Art Fest Sofia - a community art festival in Sofia [in Bulgarian, and English].

  • Sofia Queer Forum - a forum that features art works from the areas of documentary and experimental cinema and video art, contemporary visual and performance arts, fashion, as well as artistic parties. The program also includes presentations and theoretical discussions that touch upon subjects such as technologies and cyber feminism, as well as creating activist networks [in Bulgarian, and English].


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