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Guide to resources on LGBTQ+ in Eastern Europe: Belarus

Belarus Overview

LGBT map of Belarus

Homosexuality is legal in Belarus since 1994, but there are no anti-discriminatory measures in place to protect LGBT people in areas of employment, housing etc. Same-sex unions are not recognised, and homosexual people cannot serve in the military. It is legal to change one’s gender, but the procedure is lengthy. There are a few organisations advocating for LGBT and gender equality rights in Belarus listed below.


Academic research

Some academic research has been published on the topic of gender, but research on LGBT is very sparse (but check the link below, as well as repositories for references).

Laboratory of Gender Studies, European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus.






Data and statistics







  • Gaybelarus publishes articles on LGBT in Belarus and worldwide [Belarusian, Russian, English].

  • A collection of media articles about LGBT in Belarus [Russian].


  • Makeout - a Belarusian feminist anti-discriminatory project about gender and sexuality that seeks to heighten the awareness, promote mindfulness, and strengthen the LGBTQ-community and other vulnerable groups, which face sexual and gender identity discrimination [Belarusian and Russian].
  • Delopi - a project fighting against homophobia in Belarus [Russian].
  • Gender - a project dedicated to promoting gender equality in Belarus. It also contains articles about LGBT [Russian].
  • Journalists for tolerance - a non-profit, civic association of people working in the media sector focused on equality and non-discrimination [Russian].


  • Dotyknoncommercial cultural and educational organization that in its work deals mostly with matters of identity and self-determination, raises the problems of homophobia, transphobia, sexism and other forms of xenophobia in the Belarusian society [Belarusian, English].


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