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Guide to Resources on Romania: Guide to Resources on Romania

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Guide to Library Resources on Romania

The UCL SSEES Library Romanian collections mirror the main areas of research and interest for the School with a focus on important scholarly resources on history, politics and sociology, economics and business, and language, literature and culture. They are of international importance and provide the basis for excellence in teaching and research of the School.

The collection on Romania is to be found on the Lower Ground Floor of the Library, and covers the history, politics, economics, social sciences, culture, language and literature of the country. Books in the Romanian section have the classmark Rou.

Books on the historical Principality of Moldavia are to be found with the Romanian section, although books on the Moldavian S.S.R. and the current state of Moldova are shelved with the Russian and Soviet part of the Library's collection (classmark R.XXI.8). Books on Transylvania may be similarly divided between the Romanian and Hungarian sections of the Library.

The majority of the collection consists of works in Romanian or English, although occasionally books may also be acquired in other European languages.

The strength of the Romanian collection owes much to the purchase by the School in 1952 of some 3,500 items from the library of Dr Moses Gaster, who was a pioneer of the study of Romanian literature. Thanks to this purchase, the School acquired a valuable collection of sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth century books, many printed in what is now Romania, as well as books and pamphlets of later date on all aspects of Romania, its language and literature.

Some historically important and rare travel books including accounts of travel Romania, Wallachia and Moldavia before 1860, and historic maps were digitised as part of the EU’s Europeana Travel project.

The Library holdings also include archive collections of interest in the study of Romanian history, especially in the correspondence and papers of Professors R.W. and Hugh Seton-Watson.

An invaluable resource for UCL students and staff is being acquired in the Bain Graffy Film Collection. The Romanian section of the collection contains feature films and documentaries.  Where possible, copies with subtitles are obtained in order to open the collection to as wide an audience as possible.

For information about access rights and requesting audio-visual material see our FAQ.