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UCL SSEES Library Guide to Economics & Business Data: Russia



  • Russia/NIS Statistical Publications
    A digital source for current data from Russia. Part of Eastview digital collection (available for UCL Staff and students, walk in access).
  • Datastream
    Financial information database, available on-site at UCL SSEES Library only. Coverage includes equity indexes, unit trusts, bonds, interest rates, exchange rates and commodities, with tools for exploring historical trends, and relationships between time series.
  • Economist Intelligence Unit 
    Full text of reports covering the political scene, economic policy, domestic economy, sectoral trends and foreign trade of each country, with detailed two-year political and economic forecasts. Full text of country profiles, covering a country’s economic and political status and background.
  • The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (statistics)
    “Publication of statistical data by the Bank of Russia is aimed at providing a wide range of users with credible, timely, consistent, publicly accessible information which underlies the Bank of Russia’s decisions on the monetary policy, the development and strengthening of the banking system, the development and promotion of stability of the financial market and the national payment system while being useful to economic agents at the time of decision making.
    The Section contains the Bank of Russia’s statistical data which comprehensively characterize relations between the residents of the country and non-residents, the role of the banking sector and non-bank financial institutions in the Russian economy, the status of the financial market and that of the national payment system, monetary operations and the methodology for their development. The information is represented on a nationwide scale and when applicable by federal district and constituent territory of the Russian Federation.” Description provided by The Central Bank of the Russian Federation."
  • Moscow Stock Exchange
    “Moscow Exchange provides exhaustive and convenient access to the Russian financial markets. The Exchange's markets offer clients trading opportunities across a diversified range of asset classes all combined with best-in-class post-trade services.”
  • Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation
    “The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (Economy Ministry of Russia) is the federal executive body responsible for developing state policy and providing regulation in the sphere of analysis and forecasting of socioeconomic and business development, including medium-sized and small businesses, foreign economic activity (except for foreign trade), property relations, insolvency (bankruptcy) and financial recovery, evaluation activities, land-related transactions (except for agricultural lands), the State Register of Real Estate, state cadastral record-keeping and cadastral activity, state cadastral valuation of land, state monitoring of land (except for agricultural lands), state registration of rights to real estate, geodesy and cartography, state statistical activities, investment activities and state investment, development of interstate and federal target programs (long-term target programs), departmental target programs, development and implementation of programs for Russia’s socioeconomic development, creation and maintenance of special economic areas in the Russian Federation, management of state material reserves, placement of orders for the delivery of goods, and the performance of work and services for state and municipal purposes.”  
  • IMF
    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 189 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.
  • World Bank
    World Bank page on economy of Russian Federation.
  • OECD
    OECD page on economy of Russian Federation:
  • Trading Economics (Russia)
    “Trading Economics provides its users with accurate information including historical data, economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, government bond yields and commodity prices.”
  • UN development programme
    “UNDP programme in Russia focuses on environment and sustainable development addressing global environmental challenges - conservation of globally important biodiversity, climate change mitigation and resilience, sound management of international waters. The programme is based on the partnership with the Global Environment Facility and the Russian Government.”
  • Heritage
    “The Index of Economic Freedom is a helpful tool for a variety of audiences, including academics, policymakers, journalists, students, teachers, and those in business and finance.”
  • Russia in figures
    The handbook contains information on the socio-econonomic situation of Russia.
     It presents data characterizing the public structure of the Russian Federation, production and use of the Gross domestic product. Information is published on the population, its employment and money incomes. The handbook highlights problems of social sphere, results of R&D work and innovation activities, finances, investments, prices and tariffs. Some materials are dedicated to situation in organizations of different kinds of economic activities. Reffected are the external economic activities and information on the Balance of payments of the Russian Federation. Selected international comparisons are also given.

Area Specialist

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Area Specialist for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Eurasia
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