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Guide to Resources on Politics : Resources on Politics - Overview

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General Resources


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The Library purchases books, journals and e-resources that reflect the School’s teaching, learning and research interests in the area of Politics.


The majority of books relating to general political topics will be found on the First Floor of UCL SSEES Library, in the section labelled Misc. The specific subdivision of this class that refers to politics begins with (Roman numerals) XII. There are also sections throughout the Library relating to politics in individual countries studied by the School. The classification remains similar to the layout above but instead of “Misc.” has a mnemonic relating to a specific country (e.g. R. = Russia, P. = Poland, H. = Hungary, and so on).

Works by and about individual politicians will be found in the relevant country sections under the classmark XII.a (e.g. R.XII.a PUT for a book written by Vladimir Putin).



UCL SSEES Library subscribes to both print and electronic versions of newspapers and journals.  Some journals will only be available in print form, some only electronically and some in both forms. To discover which versions are available check the library catalogue on Explore by inputting the journal title.  Print versions of current newspapers and journals are kept on the Lower Ground Floor of UCL SSEES Library in an alphabetical sequence by title of journal.  They are not available for loan.

Previous years’ holdings of more heavily-used journals are retained in the rolling stacks on the Lower Ground Floor, but some less intensively-used journals and newspapers may be held in other locations. Check the library catalogue on Explore for details of location and holdings. Journals with a STORES location can be requested either via Explore or from the Stores Service.

For help and useful tips on how to search, see the guide to using Explore. For information about finding and requesting books, pamphlets, rare books or store items see our FAQ.


E-journals: Search e-journals and journal articles in MetaLib or in specialist databases available to members of UCL. To scope the list of e-journals in MetaLib by subject follow the following steps:

1) Select ‘Find e-Journal’ on the top menu

2) Click on the ‘Subject’ tab

3) Select category ‘Social Sciences and sub-category 'Political Science' and then click Go.

If you are on-site using a computer running on the UCL network, your access to the journals will usually be automatically authenticated and you should not need to enter a username and password. If you are off-site you will be prompted for your UCL computing username and password when you try to access an e-journal title.For further help, see the Library Services E-journal FAQs.


Databases: Not all databases are equal.  Some provide access to Primary resources (i.e. data-rich source material, factual, raw data with little or no commentary or interpretation), others to Secondary resources (predominantly commentary and analysis of raw data, news and current affairs) and still others to Search aids, indexes and bibliographies

Databases can be accessed via Metalib and Explore. For help and useful tips on how to search, see the guide to using Explore and the guide to Metalib


Internet resources

  • SSEES Library Internet Directory: Selected resources on the region, chosen to support the School's teaching and research in the humanities and social sciences of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
  • Virtual Training Suite: free online tutorial useful to develop your internet research skills in the areas of government and politics
  • UCL Politics resources Main UCL library website Library page on politics, include  international relations, public policy, human rights