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Guide to Resources on Romania: Romania - History

General Resources


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Guide to Resources on Romania - History

Book Collection

Search Explore to find UCL books/e-books and pamphlets on the history of Romania. For help and useful tips on how to search, see the guide to using Explore. For information about finding and requesting books, pamphlets, rare books or store items see our FAQ

Books in print: The Romanian collection is housed on the Lower Ground Floor of UCL SSEES Library.  Primary sources on Romanian history and politics are located at classmark Rou.VI. Secondary sources covering the history of Romania are to be found at Rou.IX. Romanian historical encyclopedias and dictionaries are to be found in the section Rou.REF. Books with a STORE location can be requested by completing the online store request form.

Rare books: Material published before 1850 is kept in our Local Store and can be requested at the Library’s issue desk, see the FAQ. Historically important rare travel books from UCL SSEES Library Special Collections were digitised as part of the EU’s Europeana Travel project and include accounts of travel through Romania, Wallachia and Moldavia before 1860.

E-book: Oxford Scholarship Online: Cross-searchable library containing the full text of over 1,200 books from Oxford University Press, in the areas of Economics and Finance, History, Philosophy, Political Science and Religion. See also the Complete list of e-books available to members of UCL


Journals and journal articles

Search journals and journal articles in Explore or in specialist databases available to members of UCL. For help and useful tips on how to search, see the guide to using Explore. For information on finding and requesting journals, journal articles or store items see our FAQ.

 E-Journals with a focus on the modern history of Romania:

  • The complete list of electronic journals available to members of UCL can be accessed via E-journals.
  • The Central and Eastern European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L.) is an online archive which provides access to full text PDF articles from over 1000 humanities and social science journals and re-digitised documents pertaining to Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European topics.  The database can be scoped to search for journals by subject or by country.
  • Search UCL’s databases to find articles on Romanian history in international journals. Also of interest East European newspapers Newspapers published in Eastern Europe between 1835 and 1922.

Printed journals are located on the Lower Ground Floor of the Library. Journals with a STORES location can be requested by completing the online store request form.



The Library holdings include archive collections  relevant for the study of Romanian history. For information about access rights and requesting archives see our FAQ.

  • CTR - Carter, Professor Frank (1964-2001): photographic slides taken by Professor Carter between 1964 and 2001 during his extensive travels around Eastern Europe; as well as slides of graphs, maps, archives and other historical data relating to cities and regions of Eastern Europe.
  • HAH - Haham, Naham (1899-1946): Papers including school certificates and photographs relating to the lives of Naham and Sifra Haham (later Newman) in Bessarabia and Britain, mainly covering the period 1899 to 1920s.
  • KIT - Kitch, J Michael (c.1971-c.1979): Kitch was lecturer in Romanian history at SSEES 1968-1980.  Contents include notes and articles on Romanian history. Some of the papers relate to the history of Romania which was planned by Kitch but never completed.
  • LUN - Lungu, Dov (1932-1936): Copies of documents relating to Romanian foreign policy, made in the archives of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These papers were used by Dov Lungu in preparing his Ph.D thesis, presented to Queen Mary College, London in 1976 entitled "The problem of Soviet-Romanian relations in Romanian foreign policy under Nicolae Titulescu, 1932-1936".
  • MIT - Mitchell, Bruce (1991): BA dissertation submitted by Bruce Mitchell to the University of East Anglia entitled "Fälschung und Wahrheit: die Kartographie des Karpathenbeckens im zwanzigsten Jahrenhundert und ihre Interpretation angesichts der Ungarisch-Rumänischen Gegenüberstellung" [Forgery and Truth: the Cartography of the Karpathian Basin in the Twentieth century and its interpretation in view of the Hungarian-Romanian confrontation].
  • RUR - Rura, Michael Joseph: MA dissertation submitted to Georgetown University, Washington D.C. by Michael Joesph Rura entitled "Reinterpretation of history as a method of furthering communism in Rumania".
  • SET - Seton-Watson, Hugh (1855-1980): Papers re Hugh Seton-Watson's interests as a historian of Russia and Central and Eastern Europe including papers re Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Romania in the immediate post Second World War period; the Colloquium on Anglo-Romanian Historical Relations; photographs of notable Romanians and reproductions of Romanian historical portraits; essay "R W Seton-Watson and the history of the Romanians".
  • SEW - Seton-Watson, R W (1901-1951): Correspondence, reports, memoranda, articles, press cuttings and maps reflecting R.W. Seton-Watson's life and interests and containing material relating to the politics and foreign affairs of Czechoslovakia (including the Munich Crisis), Yugoslavia, Hungary and Romania.
  • VER - Vergotti, Jacques M (1990):  Typescript entitled "Memoirs of a Romanian-American 1940-1990" by Jacques M Vergotti, one time equerry to King Michael of Romania.

UCL Special Collections also holds the papers of Dr Moses Gaster, 1856-1939, Romanian scholar and rabbi.


Maps: Historic maps from UCL SSEES Library Special Collections, digitised as part of the Europeana Travel project, include maps of Romania, Wallachia and Moldavia.

Audio-visual material: The Julian Graffy Film Collection contains documentaries on Romanian history. For information about access rights and requesting audio-visual material see our FAQ.

Internet Resources: The Directory of Internet Resources lists relevant links to academic institutions, libraries and archives in Romania.

Bibliographies: The Romanian Academy of Sciences provides on-line access to the Bibliografia Nationala Retrospectiva which lists books published between 1508-1918.


Primary Sources

  • EUscreen: videos, images, text and audio from European broadcasters and audiovisual archives ranging from the early 1900s to the present day
  • Europeana: a single access point to Europe's digital resources.
  • Fototeca: Online communism photo collection, a large Romanian free data base, containing photos from 1945-1989 and 1921-1944
  • The Manuscriptorium project: is creating a virtual research environment providing access to all existing digital documents in the sphere of historic book resources (manuscripts, incunabula, early printed books, maps, charters and other types of documents).
  • Memoria: digital library of interviews, memoirs, oral history studies, books and images of Romania's recent history


Searh aids, indexes, bibliographies and current awareness services

  • Scopus: Comprehensive scientific, medical, technical, social science, and arts and humanities database containing references to journal articles, conference proceedings, trade publications, book series and web resources.  Indexing and abstracting database.
  • Web of Science:  Multidisciplinary database that includes: the Science Citation Index, the Social Science Citation Index and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index. The indexes cover thousands of journals and are a useful starting point for searching on many topics.
  • JSTOR:  Full-text archive of important scholarly journals.
  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS): Index of literature in the social sciences and related subjects. This database focuses on the four core social science subjects of anthropology, economics, politics and sociology and provides comprehensive coverage of these, as well as selected material from cognate subject areas such as law, social policy and criminology.
  • Social Sciences Citation Index: Index to published literature in the social sciences. Also offers cited reference searching, enabling users to find out which other articles cite a particular article.
  • Google Scholar: Service from the Google search engine which searches for articles from academic publishers, professional societies and pre-print archives.


Current awareness services: Current awareness services regularly alert registered users about new documents that match their research interests.  The resources listed below offer current awareness services. The details of how to set these up vary between platforms; in most cases you need to set up an account and opt to receive alerts from your saved searches or specified journals.

  • JournalTOCS: Largest free searchable collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs).
  • Scopus:  Can be set to alert you via e-mail or RSS feed when a new article that matches your search conditions is listed.
  • Web of Knowledge: creating journal alerts lets you access your selected journals  and opens the latest table of contents.
  • Zetoc Alert:  Current awareness service that sends you email alerts matching the search criteria that you have provided whenever new data is loaded into the database. The searches may be for particular journals, for authors and for keywords from the titles of articles and papers
  • History Online:  Information about internet resources for historians and about the history profession.


The History subject guide lists further relevant general resources on history