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Guide to Resources on Ukraine: Resources on Ukraine: Politics and Sociology

General Resources


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Guide to Resources on Ukraine: Politics and Sociology

Books collection:

Books on Ukrainian Politics and Sociology are shelved on the Second Floor of the Library. Politics is generally classified as U.XII, which covers politics, political sociology, political movements, the history of political thought, political philosophy, nationalism and ethnicity. Sociology is largely classified as U.XIX and covers social life, social history and socio-economics. Political sociology is classified as U.XII. However for detailed classification please see our classification scheme guide page. Not all the books are kept on the open shelves. For information about finding and requesting a pamphlet or stores item see our FAQ.

Journals and newspapers:

The Library provides access to a range of printed and digital journals and newspapers on Politics and Sociology. Depending on the title they may be available in print, digital or microform format, or in more than one format. Additionally a number of titles are kept in store outside London, and these can be recalled using the online form. Printed editions of journals and newspapers are shelved on the Lower Ground Floor of the Library. It should be noted however that the Library provides access to a number of digital journals and newspapers and it may be easier and more convenient to access them in this way. For example, access is provided to such publications as: Vidomosti Verkhovnoi Rady Ukrainy, the official publication of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine;  Zovnishni spravy or Korrespondent. Additionally there are a number of periodicals that may be useful for researching Ukrainian topics, such as: International Affairs; Communist and Post-Communist Studies; Post-Soviet affairs and  East European politics.

News sources:

The Library provides access to various news sources from and related to Ukraine. BBC Monitoring Online provides access to reports from radio, television, news agencies, press and new media, providing a distinctive foreign news and information service from open sources (from 1999 onwards). Username and password required. Contact SSEES Library staff for details. Labyrinth provides biographies of Ukrainian politicians, officials and business people

Audio-visual collection

Documentaries on Ukraine: History, Politics, Current Events can be found on the UCL SSEES Library website.