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Guide to Resources on Estonia: Economics

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General resources

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Printed sources

  • Books: Books on the Estonian economy are shelved on the Lower Ground Floor. The section E.XVI.1 is particularly relevant.
  • Journals and newspapers: UCL SSEES Library journals and newspapers covering Estonia are kept on the Lower Ground Floor in alphabetical order. Please also check our growing number of online resources  for journals and newspapers.


Online resources: Economics and Statistics

  • Baltic News Service (BNS): News from the BNS agency based in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Distributes daily around 1,000 news items in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian and English.

See also collection of UCL SSEES working papers a collection of research papers reflecting the interests of the economics and business group within UCL SSEES.


Other resources

For general resources on the economy see our 'Economics and Business' guide.