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Guide to Resources on Belarus: History

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General Resources


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Resources on Belarus - History

Books and eBooks

The Belarusian history book collection is located on the First Floor of the Library. History is generally classified as Bel.IX, but for detailed classification see the guide for  the classification scheme for the SSEES Library.  The History collection covers the whole history of Belarus from the earliest times to the present. Books published before 1850 are generally kept in our local store. They can be identified by the following location on Explore: SSEES Local Store and can be requested at the Library’s issue desk. Additionally some less heavily-used books are kept at our store outside London. Their location is marked as Stores - SSEES Depository. These can be requested by completing the online store request form. For more information on requesting books from Store, see our FAQ page.

The Library also has a collection of 'Rare Books'. The Library has one of the early published dictionaries, Slovar´ Belorusskago narechiia, St Petersburg, 1870, by I.I. Nosovich. Part of the collection has been digitised and is available online.

Many books that might be related to Belarus can be accessed electronically using the following databases:

For information on how to find and request a pamphlet, rare book or stores item, see our FAQ.


Journals and newspapers

The Library provides access to Belarusian and Belarus-related journals and newspapers. Depending on the title they may be available in print, digital or microform format, or in more than one format. Additionally a number of titles are kept at the UCL Store outside London, and these can be recalled using the online store request form.

Printed versions of journals and newspapers are stored on the Lower Ground Floor of the Library. It should be noted however that the Library provides access to a large number of digital journals and newspapers. For example, access is provided to complete editions of such key journals as: The Slavonic and East European Review. Of interest may also be the Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports - transcribed and translated intercepted radio broadcasts from foreign governments, official news services, and clandestine broadcasts from occupied territories, covering 1941-1996.

For information on finding and requesting an e-journal, e-journal article, printed journal, an article from a printed journal or a stores item, please see our FAQ.



The Library holdings include archive collections relevant to the study of East European history. The guide to archive collections is available on the SSEES Library website.


Audio-visual collections

The Library's Bain Graffy Film Collection includes a large number of documentaries on history, as well as history programmes recorded from television. The collection is available to UCL staff and students only. Items cannot be borrowed, but they can be watched on site. The guide to the collection is available on the SSEES Library website.