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Guide to Resources on Hungary: History

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General Resources


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Resources on Hungary - History

Book Collections

Search Explore to find UCL books/e-books and pamphlets on Hungarian history. For help and useful tips on how to search see the guide to using Explore. For information about finding and requesting books, pamphlets, rare books or store items see the FAQ.

  • Books in print

Primary sources on Hungarian history and politics are located on the First Floor of the Library at H.VI. Secondary sources covering the history of Hungary are located on the First Floor of the Library at H.IX. Reference books such as Révai nagy lexikona can be found at H.REF.

Books with a STORE location can be requested either via Explore or from the Stores Service.

  • Rare books

Material published before 1850 is kept in the Local Store and can be requested at the Library’s issue desk, see the FAQ. Some historically important rare travel books were digitised as part of the EU’s Europeana Travel project and include accounts of travel through Hungary before 1860.


E-book Collections and Databases comprising books/primary sources on Hungarian history:

  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online: A digital library of eighteenth-century publications, based on the English Short Title Catalogue and covers history and geography; social science and fine arts; medicine, science and technology; literature and language; philosophy and religion; law; general reference.
  • Early European Books: Selected printed European works from before 1701, mostly in non-English European languages.
  • Oxford Scholarship Online: Cross-searchable library containing the full text of over 1,200 books from Oxford University Press, in the areas of Economics and Finance, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion.
  • Hungarian Reformation: Primary Sources: Database of writings of the Hungarian reformers, 1540s-1650s, including early texts and later works for the established churches.

See also information about E-books.


Journals and journal articles

Search journals and journal articles in Explore or in specialist databases available to members of UCL. For help and useful tips on how to search, see the guide to using Explore. For information on finding and requesting journals, journal articles, or store items see the FAQ.

  • E-Journals with a focus on modern Hungarian history

The Hungarian Historical Review - the new series of Acta Historica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae. UCL Library Services provide online access from 2013 to the present.

AETAS - Történettudományi folyóirat (AETAS - Journal of history and related disciplines) - UCL Library Services provide online access from 1997 to the present.

More subject-specific journals can be accessed via E-journals available to members of UCL or the Central and Eastern European Online Library - an online archive of full-text articles from over 250 humanities and social science journals, electronic books and re-digitised documents.

Search UCL’s databases to find articles on Hungarian history in international journals.

  • Printed journals such as Történelmi Szemle, Korall, Századok,… are located on the Lower Ground Floor of the Library. Journals with a STORE location can be requested either via Explore or from the Stores Service.



The Library’s holdings include archive collections relevant for the study of Hungarian history. For information about access rights and requesting archives see the FAQ.

  • HOR - Horne, Joseph Christopher William (c.1985) - Translations into English of Hungarian poetry intended for an anthology which never reached the stage of publication although some poems may be included which have already been published.
  • HUN - Hungary (c.1965) - Official photographs of Hungary, showing the bend of the Danube, cities, Budapest, the bank of the Danube, agriculture and industry.

IVA/1 - IG's papers re Lajos Kossuth (circa) (1939-1965)

IVA/2 - IG's papers re Count István Széchenyi (circa) (1936-1965)

IVA/3 - IG's writings, correspondence and other papers re nineteenth and twentieth century Hungarian history and current affairs (circa) (1939-1965)

IVA/4 - IG's writings and other papers re eighteenth and nineteenth century British history (circa) (1939-1965)

IVA/5 - IG's writings and other papers re European history (circa) (1939-1965).

JON/1 Draft chapters and speeches relating to Jones' translation of Eötvös, József 'The dominant ideas of the nineteenth century and their impact on the state'

JON/2 Background articles and research for Jones' translation of Eötvös, József  'The dominant ideas of the nineteenth century and their impact on the state'

JON/3 Correspondence

JON/4 Certificates

JON/5 Photographs

  • KON - Kónyi, Manó (1861-1917) - Lónyay's official and private letters 1848-1884 and his political diary 1865-1872; Andrassy the younger's political diary 1908-1913, Kónyi's correspondence, writings and printed material.
  • PES - Pesti, József (1956) - József Pesti's political poems from 1956, in Hungarian with English translations, together with an extract from the catalogue of the Manuscript Department of the Széchenyi Library relating to the manuscripts of his poems.
  • PTR - Péter, Professor László (1971-1994) - Papers consisting of five boxes of correspondence, reports, copy articles, newspaper cuttings and other papers relating chiefly to Romania from the 1970s, especially from the time of the political change in 1989. The focus of the collection is the Hungarian minority in Romania, especially in Transylvania.
  • SEW - Seton-Watson, R.W. (1901-1951) - Correspondence, reports, memoranda, articles, press cuttings and maps. The material reflects Seton-Watson's life and interests and contains material relating to the politics and foreign affairs of Czechoslovakia (including the Munich Crisis), Yugoslavia, Hungary and Romania. Also included are papers relating to Seton-Watson's involvement with "The New Europe", the Serbian Relief Fund, the Serbian Society, the Yugoslav Society of Great Britain, the Tribunal for internees opposed to the Nazi system and his government service in both wars; also a list of materials bequeathed by Professor Robert Seton-Watson to New College, Library, Oxford University.
  • SIM - Simon, Ezsther (1947-1973) - Letters from Mrs Ezsther ("Zsuzsika") Simon, (née Kállay) (1927-) living in Hungary, to her elder sister Magdolna ("Madeleine") Tomalin (née Kállay) (?-1989), living in Britain; also contained are some drafts of replies, telegrams, postcards and Christmas cards.
  • STF - Stafford, Nicholas (1934 Travel Journal) - Bound typewritten journal subtitled "The trivial record of a journey taken in 1934 by way of Nürnberg, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Cracow and the free city of Danzig with 94 illustrations".
  • UNW - Unwin, Peter (1991) - Draft typescript by Peter Unwin entitled "Voice in the wilderness: Imre Nagy and the Hungarian revolution".
  • WID - Wilde, Johannes (1920-c.1960) - Letters to Wilde, mostly from his brother Dr Ferenc Wilde in Budapest and other family members. The correspondence mostly relates to personal matters but there are also references to the art world and to political events including the Hungarian revolution of 1956. Also contains a diary of events in Budapest during the Second World War written by Wilde's sister Margit Wilde.



Historic maps from UCL SSEES Library Special Collections, digitised as part of the Europeana Travel project, include maps of Austria-Hungary dating from the 19th century back to 1490.


Audio-visual material

The Bain Graffy Film Collection contains documentaries on Hungarian history, as well as history programs recorded from Hungarian TV and the BBC. For information about access rights and requesting audio-visual material see the FAQ.


Internet Resources

  • Bibliographies

National Bibliography of Hungary

  •   Primary Sources

Hungarian Electronic Library - includes more than 1000 titles on Hungarian history

Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database - provides access to more than 1,300 Hungarian journals and historic newspapers (in Hungarian)

Hungarian Digital Image Library – a collection of over 40,000 images developed by the National Széchényi Library in collaboration with 48 Hungarian libraries in 2008-2009

Bibliotheca Corviniana Digitalis - provides online access to 36 corvinae from the collection of the National Széchényi Library (in Hungarian)

OSA Archivum Digital Repository - contains over 117,200 items on former Eastern Bloc history 1951-1994

Hungarian Archives Portal – searchable databases of material deposited mostly in local governmental archives in Hungary

Monasterium.Net - digital archive of over 220,000 primary sources from Central European archives

EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History - history of Hungary: primary documents.

EUscreen - videos, images, text and audio from European broadcasters and audio-visual archives ranging from the early 1900s to the present day

Europeana - a single access point to Europe's digital resources


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