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Guide to Resources on Hungary: About the Collection

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About the Hungarian Collections

The collections comprise books and pamphlets, journals, newspapers, archives and audio-visual material. Access is now available to a wide range of E-resources including over 50 journal and newspaper titles covering Hungary. The material is collected primarily in Hungarian and English languages but some of the historical sources were acquired in Latin.
Hungarian collections have benefited greatly over the years from several substantial gifts and bequests, most notably those of Professor G.F. Cushing (language and literature), Mr Paul Ignotus (modern history and politics) and Mr S.W. Robinson (history and culture).

The purchase of rare Hungarica gathered by the distinguished scholar and bibliophile Béla Iványi-Grünwald further enhanced the collections. His collection consists of over 1,100 books, pamphlets, prints, maps and periodicals relating to Hungary, mainly in English, and contains many rare items, including over 100 published before 1801. Some of the particularly important and rare historic maps and travel books from the Iványi-Grünwald collection, including accounts of travel through Hungary before 1860, were digitised as part of the EU’s Europeana Travel  project.

The Library holdings also include archive collections relevant for the study of the Hungarian history. The items of exceptional value include the Iványi-Grünwald Collection (1936-1965) and the Kónyi Collection (1804-1916) containing Count Menyhért Lónyay's papers.

The Hungarian film collection in UCL SSEES Library contains over 100 feature films dating back to the 1950s and about 30 documentaries. The majority of the feature films were produced during the communist period or deal with the communist history. A detailed description of the films collected by the Library is available in the Bain Graffy Film Collection.

For queries and assistance with the Hungarian Collections, please contact:

Zuzana Pincikova

Area Specialist for Central Europe

Telephone: 020 7679 8706