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Guide to Resources on the Czech Republic: History

General resources

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Book Collections

Search Explore to find UCL books/e-books and pamphlets on the history of the former Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. For help and useful tips on how to search, see the guide to using Explore. For information about finding and requesting stores items see our FAQ.

  • Books in print

Primary sources on Czechoslovak and Czech history and politics are located on the First Floor of the Library at Cs.VI and Cz.VI.
Secondary sources covering the history of Czechoslovakia are located on the First Floor of the Library at Cs.IX, while works relating solely to the history of Czech lands before 1918, and after 1992 are located at Cz.IX. Reference books such as Akademická encyklopedie českych dějin (Academic Encyclopaedia of Czech History) can be found at Cz.REF.
Books with a STORE location can be requested via store request form.

  • Rare books

Material published before 1850 is kept in our Local Store and can be requested at the Library’s issue desk, see the FAQ.

Historically important rare travel books from UCL SSEES Library Special Collections were digitised as part of the EU’s Europeana Travel project and include accounts of travel through Bohemia before 1860.

  • E-book collections comprising books on Czech history

Early European Books Selected printed European works from before 1701, mostly in non-English European languages.

Oxford Scholarship Online Cross-searchable library containing the full text of over 1,200 books from Oxford University Press, in the areas of Economics and Finance, History, Philosophy, Political Science and Religion.

See also the Complete list of e-books available to members of UCL.


Journals and journal articles

Search journals and journal articles in Explore or in specialist databases available to members of UCL. For help and useful tips on how to search, see the guide to using Explore. For information on finding and requesting journal articles, electronic journals or stores items see our FAQ.

  •  E-Journals with a focus on the modern history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic:

Soudobé Dějiny (Contemporary History) - a quarterly journal of modern Czech history published by the Institute of Contemporary History at the Academy of Sciences in Prague. UCL Library Services provide online access from 2003 to the present.

Historica Olomucensia - Sborník prací historických - a semi-annual journal published by the Palacký University Olomouc. UCL Library Services provide online access from 2009 to the present.

More subject-specific journals can be accessed via E-journals available to members of UCL or the Central and Eastern European Online Library, a database of full-text articles from over 250 humanities and social science journals, electronic books and re-digitised documents.

Search UCL’s E-journals to find articles on Czech history in international journals.

  • Printed journals are located on the Lower Ground Floor of the Library. Journals with a STORES location can be requested via store request form.



The Library holdings include archive collections relevant for the study of Czech and Czechoslovak history. For information about access rights and requesting archives see our FAQ.

ALL - Allan, Robert Gerard (c.1918-1940) – the papers of Robert Gerard Allen, 1919-1940, comprising a notebook of poetry presumably by Allan, c1930-1940; photographs and postcards of interwar Prague, the Sokol gymnastics movement and T.G. Masaryk c1919-1939; prints of Prague; maps of Czechoslovakia, 1930, 1937; a collection of 'Six linocuts by a Czechoslovak’; a typescript entitled 'Repetitorium ceske literatury v otazkach i odpovedich' by Prof J. Maly, 1936; a typescript Czech-English dictionary of engineering terms.

BET - Betts, Reginald Robert (c.1928-c.1938) - manuscripts of writings, lecture notes and other notes by Betts; notes, transcripts and photostats from Latin manuscripts in Austrian and Czech libraries on Jan Hus, Peter Payne and the Reformation and also notes taken from more recent books on these subjects.

BEN - Beneš, Edvard (c. 1938) – an anonymous typescript biography of Edvard Beneš, president of Czechoslovakia entitled 'Ein Mann für Europa' (A Man for Europe).

BER - Beran, Cardinal Josef (1948) – a duplicate of a letter sent by Beran to Dr Alexej Čepička, Minister of Justice in the Czechoslovak Government.

CTR - Carter, Professor Frank (1964-2001) - photographic slides taken by Professor Carter between 1964 and 2001 during his extensive travels around Eastern Europe; as well as slides of graphs, maps, archives and other historical data relating to cities and regions of Eastern Europe.

CZE - Czechoslovakia (c.1930-1944) - photographs depicting the Czechoslovakian war effort, pre-war buildings, handicrafts and folk costumes; 2 (1944) letters from Hana and Jirina Benešová.

CZH - Czechoslovakia, velvet revolution (1989) - leaflets, news cuttings, bulletins and posters, relating to the 'Velvet Revolution'.

DUF - Duff Cooper, Alfred (1938) - album entitled 'With love from the Czecho-Slovakian Children', contains postcards and photographs of Czechoslovakia, emblems, postage stamps, pictures of national costumes and samples of embroidery.

DRU - Druce, J.G.F. (1942) – a draft of the SSEES MA thesis by J.G.F. Druce entitled "The role of Czech men of science in the national revival movement".

FOW - Fowlds, Hilda (1924-1932) - Letters by Hilda Fowlds from Eastern Europe, mainly Hungary and Czechoslovakia, papers and photographs relating to her death and letters from a visit to Hungary by her elder sister and brother-in-law, Alice and Frank Dixon, in 1932.

GAI - Gardiner, Kathleen M. (c.1925)– an essay by Kathleen M. Gardiner entitled "Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, an interpretation".

HAV - Havel, Václav (1985) - literary material including rough copies of letters from Karel Hubka to Havel, a letter from Havel to Hubka, carbon copies of Havel's notes on his play 'Largo Desolato' and a copy of Hubka's literal translation from which Tom Stoppard made his adaption.

KNE - Keane, Professor John (1949- ) - papers consisting of background research and notes to publications, especially to Professor Keane's work 'Václav Havel: a Political Tragedy in Six Acts' (1999).

KOS - Kosina, Josef (c.1948-c.1983) - typescripts entitled 'Vzpomínky z druhé Světové Války' (Memoirs of the Second World War) and 'Czechoslovakia: her rise and fall'; also index cards, notes and bibliography for the former typescript; an anonymous letter addressed to Josef Kosina, 1955; notes and newspapers.

LIS - Lisicky, Karel Lisicky (1915-1948) - documents on Czechoslovak foreign relations, including material on the aftermath of the First World War; the League of Nations, 1934-1937; the Munich Agreement and its consequences, 1938-1939; the Czechoslovak Government in exile, 1939-1945; the Sudeten minority problem, 1940-1945; peace negotiations with Germany and Austria, 1944-1947; the United Nations, 1945-1948; press cuttings and periodicals.

MAN - Mann, Stuart Edward (c.1947-c.1983) – the papers of Stuart Edward Mann, including writings and notes on Czech and Slovak languages and literature, 1934-1979.

Martin, Eva Collection - papers consisting of correspondence with the BBC, The Times, the Friends Service Council (Quakers), Amnesty International and material relating to Charter 77.

MAS - Masaryk, Jan Garrigue (1935-1948) - scrapbooks, notes and appointment diaries (1935-1950), photographs (circa) (1930-1948), published material (1929-1944).

MOZ - Mozart in Prague (1956) - 10 photographs of lithographs by Vojtěch Kubašta, with explanatory notes issued to mark the bicentenary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1956; 28 photographs relating to Mozart and Prague, stamped 'Bedřich Renner, Prague'.

PAN - Pannwitz, Heinz (1959;1985) – a typescript of Heinz Pannwitz' account of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, 27 May 1942.

PRU - Pruner, Rudolph (1935) – a letter from Rudolph Pruner to Jan Masaryk dated Prague, 28 December 1935.

SCH - School of Slavonic and East European Studies (1922-1993) - 1 cassette of speeches given on the occasion of the visit of President Havel of Czechoslovakia, 22 March 1990.

SEW - Seton-Watson, R.W. (1901-1951) - correspondence, reports, memoranda, articles, press cuttings and maps. The material reflects Seton-Watson's life and interests and contains material relating to the politics and foreign affairs of Czechoslovakia, including the Munich Crisis.

SKI - Skilling, Harold Gordon (1940) - drafts of chapters V, VI and the conclusion of a PhD thesis by Harold Gordon Skilling presented to SSEES, entitled 'The German-Czech national conflict in Bohemia, 1879-1893'.

WIL - Williams, Dr J. Emlyn (1928) - two volumes entitled 'Frantisek Palacky: an introduction to his life and work, with special reference to his ideas regarding nationality and government' by Dr J. Emlyn Williams, written at Vienna, 1928.



Historic maps from UCL SSEES Library Special Collections, digitised as part of the Europeana Travel project, include maps of Austria-Hungary dating from the 19th century back to 1490.


Audio-visual material

The Bain Graffy Film Collection contains documentaries on Czech and Czechoslovak history, as well as history programmes recorded from Czech TV and the BBC. For information about access rights and requesting audio-visual material see our FAQ.


Internet Resources

The Directory of Internet Resources lists relevant links to academic institutions, libraries and archives in the Czech Republic.

  • Bibliographies

Czech National Bibliography

Bibliographic Databases of the Historical Institute of ASCR

  • Primary Sources

Kramerius: National Library of the Czech Republic - digitised historical newspapers, journals and monographs.

Manuscriptorium - digitised documents (manuscripts, incunabula, early printed books, maps, charters and other types of documents).

Czech Medieval Sources Online - digitised historical editions of primary documents.

Monasterium.Net - digital archive of over 220.000 primary sources from Central European archives.

Making the History of 1989 - primary sources.

DigiPress -  Historic Newspapers digitised by the Bavarian State Library.

Digital collections of the Charles University in Prague - includes digitised documents, maps and globes.

Staré - digital collections of historic maps.

ANNO - Austrian Newspapers Online - includes historical newspapers and documents published in Czech lands

EuroDocs - Online Sources for European History

EUscreen - videos, images, text and audio from European broadcasters and audiovisual archives ranging from the early 1900s to the present day

Europeana - a single access point to Europe's digital resources


 The History subject guide lists further relevant general resources on history.